Fiat Gateway

The fiat gateway will allow customers to conveniently invest in crypto assets through our platform. This functionality allows users to acquire Ethereum and exchange it for CERN Tokens directly on the site. Our long-term goal is to integrate traditional finance services into our platform, beginning with an integrated fiat gateway.

We recognize that one of the main barriers to greater user adoption of Defi projects is the complexity of needing to comprehend the functional workings of organizations such as Uniswap, fees, gas restrictions, contracts, and so on merely to make a purchase. Despite the fact that decentralization grants the public control of their assets, people continue to utilize traditional financial products since they are easy to comprehend and use. We want to provide the most seamless experience possible on our platform, from fiat to our token to investing in our funds, all of which can be done very fast and effortlessly within the site.

We have a vast network of cryptocurrency-related partner ventures and are hopeful that

We will ultimately provide traditional financial assets including stocks, bonds, and currencies through these linkages to companies that are building replicated assets while being entirely decentralized.

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