Governance Model

Our CERN token will also serve as a governance token for the platform, allowing the community the ability to direct the platform's development and advancement.

Ceresion Governance

Ceresion Governance is our governance platform and community forum, where CERN token holders may post suggestions and vote on platform improvements that will be verified and implemented by our governance contracts. The community will be able to engage with other individuals who are similarly devoted to the platform's tiered groups, as well as coordinate and suggest modifications to the Ceresion ecosystem.

  • CERN token holders have the ability to vote on platform settings and new features.

  • CERN token holders have the ability to influence project choices such as ETF asset rebalancing and asset listing/delisting.

  • The suggested modifications will be examined and then voted on via governance available via CERN tokens, and will be incorporated automatically into the smart contracts.

The governance structure will be a complicated but fair tiered system, with each holder starting with an equal single vote and their vote increasing in value in reaction to various parameters related to usage and activity in our ecosystem.

The following factors will impact the governance tier level and vote strength: length of time owning CERN

● Length of time holding CERN

● Length of time staking/farming CERN

● Frequency of usage of the Ceresion platform

● Level of engagement in the Ceresion Governance platform

● Community contributions

This mechanism enables community governance, which is consistent with the original bitcoin objectives of decentralization and democracy.

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