Layer 2

As the use of blockchain technology rises, so does the need for innovative solutions to solve concerns. The need to balance speed, scalability, and affordability while retaining decentralization is becoming increasingly apparent. Being the home of DeFi, Ethereum has been the right atmosphere to observe the incredible development, as well as challenges in providing traditional financial services to the public and the gas price problem, along with lengthy transaction times, has given us with an opportunity to modernize. in the field of DeFi Ceresion will use layer 2 technology throughout our platform to allow high-speed, low-cost trading and quick contract executions, resulting in a seamless experience in the user's favor Optimism will be the layer 2 remedy we will employ (

Optimism is a generic layer 2 solution that uses its Optimism Rollups and Optimistic Virtual Machine (OVM) to offload transaction computational effort to boost throughput and enable considerably quicker and cheaper transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

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