Legal Disclaimer

The material contained in this whitepaper and on the Ceresion website does not represent financial, trade, investing, or legal advice, nor does it constitute any other type of advise. You should not regard any of the whitepaper's or website's material as such. The Ceresion 's team takes all precautions to safeguard its token and protect investors, and it employs the same criteria for assessing other projects that use its software

Ceresion does not advocate or recommend that you or anyone else buy, sell, or hold any cryptocurrency. To establish the viability of a project, always undertake your own study and due diligence. Prospects for success By acquiring Ceresion or any other asset on the marketplace, you agree to the following terms: You aren't buying a security or an investment.

You also agree to indemnify and hold the team blameless for any damages or taxes you may incur. You also acknowledge that the team is providing the token "as is" and is not legally obligated to offer any support or services. You should have no expectations of the CERN token or other tokens issued on the Ceresion platform, including promises of safety, price, functionality, or future viability. Before making any purchase, always ensure that you are in compliance with your local laws and regulations.

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