Ceresion offers an underlying ranking system that supports a competitive environment by allowing investors/users to pick the highest-ranked user-created ETFs in order to partake in the successful trading exploits of these leaderboard top ranking ETFs.


Ceresion 's system includes a scoreboard that displays the top user-created ETFs, with rankings based on performance. Long-performing funds would get incentives in the form of NFTs and the CERN Token, allowing them to climb the leaderboards, earn a bigger part of transaction fees, and establish a solid reputation as a seasoned portfolio developer.

The architecture of this system offers a higher-level advantage for the Ethereum ecosystem since it assists small traders by decreasing overall network load and congestion by combining so many diverse deals. By establishing a standard in which many traders put their assets in a single ETF, the costs for the user would be abolished and offset for the fund management based on their gains.

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