Fund Designations

The platform will have two investment segments:

● Public Funds - Platform standard ETFs

● Private Funds - User-created portfolio

Public Funds

The public investing platform will have many categories (oracles, Polkadot, insurance tokens, small caps, big caps) where users may invest in accessible exchange-traded funds. The present bitcoin ecosystem is driven by narratives, and our ETFs will enable consumers to participate. Invest in these innovative forces, such as NFTs and decentralized oracles.

Users will be able to deposit funds using the CERN token, and the site will function as an exchange where ETFs may be bought and sold, as well as limit orders issued. This enables users to trade ETFs comprised of token portfolios, which will greatly benefit them by allowing them to invest in whole sectors while saving on gas expenses. The transaction costs for purchasing several assets in an industry are often multiplied by the number of assets purchased (e.g., a user would pay five transaction fees on average to invest in five unique assets).

Private Funds

Our Ceresion Protocol, which will allow users to stake collateral to establish their own ETFs with their own token portfolio, is housed in the private section. Once built, the user may share it with potential investors in order for them to trade in their newly constructed portfolios. Furthermore, we offer a transaction fee structure that allows fund designers to receive a portion of transaction fees for any transactions made by the fund. The better the performance of the ETF, the higher the fund manager ranks on the leaderboard, and the more likely other users will invest in their fund.

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